Friday, August 1, 2008

The Explanation that I Received

One of my first questions to the doctor yesterday was why part of the tumor was left if it was determined that it was a grade three?

This is my understanding of the explanation that I received:

The red dots are good brain cells. The blue dots are tumor cells. As you see in most of the picture on the left there is a high concentration of the blue dots in most of the tumor. (The high concentrated area is what shows up in the MRI) This is the area that the doctor was able to safely remove in a way that would be beneficial to me. However, you also see the area that is circled. This area has a lot more red dots than blue. Therefore, in this area it isn't really beneficial to remove it surgically. This is the area we will attack with the radiation. Actually, I should rephrase that. The radiation will be highest concentrated on the bed of the area that was removed. However, there will be radiation that goes into the other areas hopefully killing tumor cells. I'm sure I'll have a better explanation of the radiation side of things after I speak with the Radiation Oncologist on Tuesday. For now, this is the answer I received on why my tumor was not able to be removed more.

Hope this helps those that asked me questions.

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