Saturday, November 27, 2010

Another Surgery At MAYO Yesterday

This would have originally been known as the one month update but since all heck broke loose here is the actual update.

Ok, sorry everyone I am way behind. Last week I had an area of swelling over my incision site that increased in size by double and didn't seem to be improving. I contacted my NeuroSurgeon and did not hear back from him until Wednesday. Wed morning I woke up vomiting to the point that I could not even keep water down. John took me to the ER, where a CT scan was done. They found an area of Hydrocephalus (fluid in they brain) and that is what is causing the nausea and swelling (the fluid is leaking in through the weakest point at the cranial flap and thus causing the swelling).

They took me in around noon on Friday to have the shunt put in. It was a rush job so sorry I didn't have time to notify everyone. It went really well and other than a couple of incision pains I'm feeling pretty good. I got up and started walking this morning and it is going pretty well. I able to eat and keep it down which is a good thing. Haven't been able to do that since Wednesday. Yay, food!!! I will be here until Sunday or Monday depending on when the infection cultures finish. The wanted to ensure that the bulge hadn't developed any infection with all of that sitting up there like that. They don't believe there is and all of the initial tests have come back negative so we are hoping the cultures come back negative and we can move forward again. (We hope to hear on Sunday so we can drive home on Monday since my oncology appointment is scheduled for Tuesday). I'd like to get established with him even if it's not going to mean a few more weeks or months before I can start now.

Well, I think that's everything. Now that I don't have to remain at a 30 degree angle or stop several times to throw up, I should be able to keep everyone posted.


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