Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Little Inner Strength, Coleman

Coleman on left, Caden on right with their Mom and Dad in New York

Ok, so I have mentioned this little guy a few times in the year since I've been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Some would probably say I'm wrong to dwell in the lives of these young soldiers who are traveling the same path as me, but in reality, when I feel I don't want to fight any more, I think of those who fight with all they have. One of these little pillars is Coleman Larson. The way I found his Carepage is quite a story on it's own but that isn't important in this story. What is important is that God sent me to him knowing that my strength could come from this little man's story.

I have received permission from his mom to share his story with you. I am honored to do so. Coleman's story began almost a year before my own, in September of 2006. Coleman and his twin brother Caden were 2 1/2 at the time. His mom describes his tumor as being the size of a tangerine which would be not much different in size than my own. After his surgery, it was determined that Coleman had a Medulloblastoma or a cancerous brain tumor that is a common type in children.

Coleman's second stop was chemo, which he took for a year. Unfortunately, he would have a relapse exactly one year after his initial diagnosis. This time there were two tumors and it had appeared in his spinal fluid as well.

This was about the time I began following Coleman. I prayed for him as he went through radiation (I'm working on a more detailed entry on radiation and when you'll read it you'll see how remarkable Coleman is to handle this as a "not quite 4 year old") and cried and prayed when he did his stem cell transplant. If ever I thought that my own journey was not worth fighting for, his process showed me that I could not give up.

Just a few months ago, tumors were found in Coleman's spine and it was found again in his spinal fluid. Coleman is now undergoing another form of chemo in the hopes of beating this beast yet again.

To take a section from Coleman's CarePage:

Coleman has taught us all that ATTITUDE and FAITH can make a big difference in how you choose to deal with cancer. HE has taught us the true meaning of determination. Cancer takes away so much, but it can't take away the amazing spirit Coleman has displayed each and every chapter of his journey.

Coleman says, "some day I won't need NO more meds or pokes, wight mommy? THEN I tan be NO-MAL!" Amen to that, but I don't think this kid will ever be described as NORMAL, he's way too special for that!
I don't think I could have given this small section justice but this is exactly what I've learned from Coleman.

I do need to give a shoutout as well to Coleman's Big Brother Caden. (He is 1 minute older than Coleman) Caden, like Coleman, is a gentleman beyond his years. I often read stories of how Caden will allow Coleman to get away with things, get him things, etc and you can tell how much he worries about his brother every picture you see of them.

The reason I put this out here is two-fold. One is to introduce you to the young man that has been my strength when I am unsure if I have fight left. The other is to introduce you to the real tragedy out there and that is Childhood Cancer. Please do what you can to help our littlest warriors.


PS. If you find it in your heart, send a prayer up for Coleman and his family as they journey through chemo again.

PSS. Thank you Team Larson for your permission to publish your story!!!

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