Monday, January 17, 2011

A Quick Update From Me

I know that getting an update from my wonderful hubby is not the same as getting one from me. :D Everyone left me to go get real food so I figured I'd take the the to send out an update.

All things considering, I'm feeling pretty good. I really wish was anywhere but here but... I did get a liquid meal tonight. For once the chicken broth tasted good!!! Hoping to possibly be out of here Wednesday.

Our prayers were answered, they found it quickly and so I have minimal incisions. If not for the presssure wrap (it's giving me a headache} I'd be feeling really good. 'd say you've been in surgery too many times when you know th OR staff by name and what their jobs are. I'm in PACU now. Been told that I will be moved to a real room tomorrow, unless I am good enough to go on home.

I have some alarms going off so better send this and start behaving myself.


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