Wednesday, May 19, 2010

ER, Swollen Glands, and Hernias

I've been very bad about updating over the last week. My blog has been completely left in the dark about issues that have happened. I will do my best to give a good summary.

Last Wednesday, my hubby came home saying he was having some sharp pains in the lower groin area. That in itself didn't worry us too much but upon further examination we noticed there was also a lot of swelling in the same area. We called into the tele-nurse and she directed us to the ER to make sure it wasn't something serious.

Little background... my hubby has never been severely sick in his life. This was the first time he had been to a hospital, had an IV, or any number of things that occur in the ER. Not sure why that matters just felt like I should put that in there.

Anyway, right from the start they discover a left inguinal hernia. We believed that this was the cause of the problems. The ER doc wanted to make sure that was all it was and there was no strangulation or anything. Therefore, IV, bloodwork, and CT scan later we have the official diagnosis that the cause of his pain wasn't the hernia but swollen glands in his groin from some type of viral infection. Was a fairly short trip for the ER at only around 4 hours and he was released with the instructions to follow-up with his doctor.

We did follow-up the next day and it was confirmed that it was a small hernia not really causing any problems but that we should follow-up with a general surgeon to look into our options. That is where we sit now. We have talked with one general surgeon and wasn't real pleased with either the options available to us or the attitude of certain people so we are going to seek a second opinion on June 4. Regardless of what we find out on the 4th, chances are he will not be doing anything until later in the year since the swollen glands/infection has to clear up first and we will be on vacation during this time. After that is his busy season so it's probably quite likely it won't be taken care of until end of year if we decide to do it then. (There's several things in the air presently but I'm not going to get into that right now.)

Anyway, that's been the last week in our family. I would love just one year that no one in my family ends up in the hospital/ER. We're on three years in a row now. *sigh* I guess this is life in the fast lane. (I would say as you get older but we're not old enough to be having these problems yet. LOL)

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