Sunday, July 12, 2009

Not quite normal; but improvement

Well, I started on the steroid, per doctor's orders, on Saturday. Not doing to bad with them so far. Little on the cranky side and having hot flashes out of this world but other than that, not too bad.

The headaches have also improved. Friday night I figured out the trick. You see, I am typically a belly or right side sleeper. This is how I discovered on Thursday night that my headaches got worse if I slept on my right side. Well, Friday night I forced myself to sleep on my back. This has never been an easy thing for me. I'm the one that slept with my belly in a triangle of pillows when I was pregnant with my son because it was the only way I could sleep. Anyway, I found that if I put a pillow under my ergo-neck pillow and shoved another pillow under my right side and another to curl up with on my left, I could at least hit a light sleep and keep the headaches from rearing up at night. I actually went all night Friday night without having to take additional pain meds. Same for last night. So, hopefully I'm working on getting this thing figured out. I still have to be careful because any pressure no matter how light on my right side is causing the headaches but it's still much better than it was.

I think yesterday I got through the day with only 5 ibuprophen and 4 tylenol. I'm trying to move to normal doses of tylenol instead of so many ibuprophen. I guess I'll know at a later date if the steroids are doing anything for me at all other than making me a bit moody.

Anyway, I just wanted to post a quick update so I had better get some things done now. I have some paperwork I need to get through and a load of laundry to fold. UGH!!!

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  1. some time I have problems sleeping too but thats ok I like your blog good job from RACHEL