Friday, May 1, 2009

Not Just Lack of Updates

I was just sitting here and I realized that not only have I had a horrible lack of updates recently but there has been a huge lack of quality updates as well. I think my last monthly update was the only one of quality for several months. *sigh* I guess I'm either dealing with spring fever, brain cramp, writer's block, or maybe just a bad case of "my internet sucks".

For a long time I was doing very well with updates and I was happy with my blog. I still love my blog, I just find it harder to come up with anything meaningful to write about. I could sit here and bore you with my philosophy, gardening ideas, or Harry Potter jargon for weeks but I could never really do that to all of you faithful readers (all one of you!!!). That would be worse torture than I would even put my worst enemy through.

I am going to try hard to come up with some new ideas on posts over the next few months. I guess my biggest challenges has been that I am no longer heavy into dealing with the original subject matter of the blog but add in the toll my brain took just shy of a year ago and you have a total disaster.

I don't look to post over the weekend but with any luck I will be awake enough to post all about my first Relay For Life and Survivor's Lap on Monday!!!

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