Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's One of Those Days

This post will be living proof that I don't always have things together and I do have my bad days. A big warning that this may be will be a bit a lot whiny.

As if dealing with brain cancer and the constant uncertainty that comes with it, other things in my life have decided to take a dump on me as well. Part of this is my fault. I am the one that screwed up our home network to the point that it needed to be rebuilt, thus making my ability to connect to the outside world become almost completely useless. You would think that one of my two Internet connections in my home would work on my laptop. One will work only when it feels like it and the other requires me to sit away from the rest of the family to use it. I guess this is why I need to hurry up and finish my darn network rebuild. This wouldn't be a big issue because I've got lots of other things I need to be doing but today I'm home sick.

Not sure what I'm down with but it has whipped my @ss at this point. I want to believe it is bronchitis and it is just whipping me more because of my weakened system. I slept for over 12 hours last night and felt like the walking dead when I did get up. I just wish someone would drive this semi off of my chest and take the vise off of my head. That's all I'm asking. The turn of the handle and a set of keys!!!

I guess the next part can be taken in one of two ways depending on how you look at it. They are going on plant shutdown next week at work. We will basically get laid off for a week, come back, and then be laid off for another week. I guess if I wasn't the budget nut I am, I'd be freaking out about it but as much as it will set some of our plans back a bit... it won't hurt us for now. Instead, I guess I get a total of two extra weeks to get some things done. Maybe I'll get the network back up next week so I can quit complaining. Maybe I'll spend it all trying to get well from whatever is going on with me right now. Maybe I'll do what I'm actually wanting to and will be able to get some landscaping done. We'll see in the end I guess. Don't look for me out here much unless I do get the Internet sorted out. It's a huge headache to deal with and will throw me into "I don't want to" faster than anything next week.

This darn illness is going to make me miss the "fun dance" tonight for square dancing. There is no way I feel up to dancing tonight. Hopefully, I can go back to work tomorrow since I need to do a bunch of things before this shutdown. We'll just have to see how I feel. It might be a half day again or something similar unless I am feeling a ton better than I am now. Then you have the Pampered Chef party on Saturday. It will probably take all of my energy to be a gracious host that day if I am feeling like this. So I guess a fair warning to anyone coming to the party, I'm sorry if I get a bit snippy!!!

I think that's it for now. I'll try to update more at a later time. I've really been sucking at updating and I apologize. *sigh*

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