Thursday, March 15, 2012

A birthday without you Amy

Today would have been your 33rd birthday and we would have gone out to Darcy's to order your favorite horseshoe for your birthday dinner. After that I would have done everything I could to make this day more special to you than last years birthday. But this was not to be, you know you are missed everyday by your friends and family. Though we will never understand why you had to leave us we know that you would not want us to dwell on the why, but instead to celebrate all that you accomplished and stood for. Please forgive those us that are still struggling with losing you. Maybe you could lend them some of that strength that seemed to have no end. We may no longer be able to hold you in our arms but we will forever hold you in our hearts. I know you made sure that I promised you that I would move on but I will never stop holding on to the love you put in my heart.

P.S. JJ and I visited your grave today to talk to you and we left roses for you .

      Your loving Husband
      John Orr


  1. I knew Amy only through her posts on support groups and her encouraging comments in my blog. But that was more than enough to see how strong and positive and inspiring she was. My heart broke the day I learnt and it still does. I can't imagine what you're going through. I guess, holding on to the memories and love she left and moving on with the hope of meeting again one day, would be the only thing to do. Everyone copes differently, I hope you and her son are doing OK. Sorry if this doesn't make any sense. I just wanted to let you know that there are many who remember and pray for Amy, even from across the world.

  2. Thanks, John, for leaving her blog up. I stop by from time to time when I need an Amy fix.
    Hope you are well. I guess getting ready for planting with keep you busy.

  3. (hugs) I'm so sorry! I had read this blog last year after my husband was DX with brain cancer and she had written to me offering to speak whenever I needed. I just happen to read it and came here to find out this! :( I hate brain cancer! My husband was DX August 2010. I'm so scared, we walk around hoping for the best, knowing the worst. I'm so sorry for your loss! She obviously was a great lady! And her blog helped me in the first months of us dealing with this, that was so huge to me!