Thursday, February 17, 2011

ROUnd one of Temodar Chemo Complete

I am way behind on updates but I'll blame it on chemotherapy. :D

I am officially on chemo. I went to the local oncologist last Tuesday and I am now on Temodar (oral chemo for brain cancer) I'm taking 145 mg a day for five days and then will be off for 23 days before starting my next cycle. Round one has been completed I did not have any major side effects from it other than posssibly fatigue The only other effect was some nausea but I never got sick so i'm considering it a victory.. I'm not sure if that is still left over from my hospital time or if it's related to the chemo. I"m hoping that going into this not expecting symptoms will push any that may try to sneak in out. Positive thinking has helped me get where I am so hopefully that will continue. In all seriousness, Temadar is a mild chemo in terms of chemo drugs but highly effective in the world of brain cancer. I will be taking two small pills (a 40 mg and 5 mg)each day of my treatment and avoid people that are sick and take extra precautions to prevent illnesses while taking it because, like other chemos, the number of white blood cells are effected. I start round two on March 8... (According to my hubby. I think it's the following week but I just need to mark the days out.))

On a positive note, I have had only mild side side effects from it at this point (It's still early but just the same) I actually feel really good today. It's my first day home that I feel like tackling major physical things good. I hope I continue to feel like this and am able to return to work before they close their doors in about a month. I guess it's one step at a time, I need to get back behind the wheel first. If all this works out like this, maybe my bad luck from the past few months will FINALLY turn around. Hopefully we can finally get stabilized and I can feel like I've been making the right choices again instead of questioning some of what I chose.

Besides, I'm running out of things to do here at home and would rather save some of the more taxing items for when I"m on unemployment but feeling healthy.

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  1. Amy ~ glad to read that you are having a good day today. Prayers that you will not have side effects from this chemo - positive thinking is the way to go!