Monday, March 15, 2010

Today I'm Celebrating Another Year

Well, 30 was a tough year but I survived it and I'm geared up ready to go for 31.

I had a nice birthday weekend. My hubby made me Belgium Waffles Saturday morning and we went out for our traditional birthday dinner that night. Sunday, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet some relatives that I've never had the pleasure of meeting. I hope we are able to get together more in the future even if they do live in California. :)

Anyway, while my relatives were here, we started talking about one of my favorite subjects and that is my family history. I love genealogy even though I don't do much research at the present. I love hearing stories about my ancestors that obtained a lot of land by selling mules to the union army in the Civil War and the impact that they had on the history of Illinois. My family on both sides has so many fun and interesting stories that really it's a great time when we are all together.

I will say that I can not get over how much my "first cousin once removed" looks like my great uncle. (Not his father but his uncle) Not only does he look like him but he acts and talks like him as well. I felt like I was talking to my great uncle on several different occasions. It was really just uncanny. However, he's a wonderful guy just like my great uncle and his wife is great as well. Of course, it was always good to see his sister and her husband as well. It was a very nice time and I can't wait to do it again with my great aunt and their other sister later this month. (and again when we go to Florida later this year)

Anyway, today is my actual birthday but there was little celebrating today. Meetings all morning, doctor's appointment in the afternoon, and as Relay meeting in the evening. It's cool, it's a nice, busy day just as I hope I have for many years to come.

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