Friday, December 11, 2009

I Should be Driving Again...

The key word in that subject appears to be SHOULD. Today it has been six months since I had my last seizure and legally that means I should be able to legally drive again. However, it took a month for me to get paperwork filled out at my Neurologist's office and I suspect the DMV didn't get the paperwork until maybe Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. Therefore, if I do get notification today that I can drive again... I would be seriously shocked. Truth is, with the holidays and everyone at the State taking last minute vacations and the like, I will probably not get official word until mid-January. :(

I've attempted calling them to ask if I can drive until they give the final approval... no luck there. I've attempted emailing them to ask... again no reply. I guess I'm just doomed to waiting until I get the paperwork back from them giving me permission to drive again. I guess they just truly don't understand what kind of a hardship it puts on someone, that is already going through a lot, when they can not drive. It adds at least three times as much stress on me because nothing is easy. It's not like I purposely had a seizure to lose my license. It's not like I did something illegal. *Sigh* I guess this is just another lesson in patience.

I've been looking forward to today for the past three months and now it's not happening as I envisioned. It's a bit depressing. As if it hasn't been hard enough to fight that for the last two years now it's getting even harder.

God, grant me the patience to get through this stage and the strength to come out stronger for it. - Amen

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